When I saw these pictures http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlWQJqqPwHw, I simply felt peace… and a massive visual satisfaction.

But the photography called “Sirico en el Sahara” from 1965, Ortiz Echague is incredibly beautiful, well all of them.

It brings me back to the fantastic Arab poetry full in elegant and deep writting. Please do not ask me why.

So here is a poem, I hope you enjoy it.

LIFE by W.A Clouston 1881

LIKE sheep, we’re doomed to travel o’er
The fated track to all assigned;
These follow those that went before,
And leave the world to those behind.

As the flock seeks the pasturing shade,
Man presses to the future day;
While Death, amidst the tufted glade,
Like the dun robber, * waits his prey.