Eating fresh meal was part of my life since my mom was pregnant, then I move to live in some cities and see the missing link was getting bigger each day.

I have to put myself each day in front of my kitchen and deal with my food even when my body was refusing to cook, many days I failed and end up as many of us eating fast food. To be honest after all day in the office I only want a easy life, like you.

Well this is not the end of the world, everybody is free to go in the direction they feel better.

So, here we are!  my friend and myself are equally crazy so we decide to create a green house using only recycled materials.

We went trough the process of looking for pallets on the street, asking for donations from some community websites in terms of materials, tools…

Then we had to create our best design, easy to say… but we were having a bunch of meals at home having lots of small arguments for each design (we wanted to keep our design as the best!) this was an untold competition between us too (nuts!).

photo 1

This is one of the them, but we have to deal with the space and wind.

I share house so I didn’t want to create something massive and leave space for BBQ at home 🙂

So, finally we got the final design, a simple one but pretty and small enough to satisfy our first green house dreams.

photo 3

If you see the long wooden piece on the base, that one was fit in my car; no idea how I managed 😀  cleaning the car then was a collateral problem!

I got the plastic from the place I work and the front glass door (with cool design) was part of a shower that thankfully was outside my house that weekend; we managed to fix the door correctly into the design (phew!).

photo 4

Then we moved it into the final location;  one side was on transparent plastic to catch the sun and the other pinky was next to the wall. We had some small complications but nothing serious as we succeed to put it in place.

Then the final and more complicate step was dealing with the plants and all those indications and requirements for somebody that doesn’t have a clue at all 🙂 were by far more messy that building the green house.

photo 8photo 9photo 14

The plants were getting bigger and bigger and I may have put too many seeds?! The second process inside was to create a vertical garden (red plastic bottles on the left) that I saw in many projects in Shanghai, Madrid, Paris, and more… as well the use of the material that we had, so we decided to go for a pallet to put more plants (picture on the right) and make the structure stronger against the wind.

So this is the way it looked for some weeks.

photo 11photo 10

Then I got my personal jungle in a small space, some of the lettuce weren’t accepting their condition in the vertical garden then they decide to leave us 😛  some of them are still alive! and just move them indoors as it is getting colder out there.

I couldn’t eat all the Pak Choi (Chinese cabbage) as there were too many. I got 3 happy cucumbers that I have shared, and some tomatoes that I am still having some of them; which taste like real tomatoes even when here the weather changes lots every day.

photo 16 photo 19

And Basil, yes Basil that plant that is super demanding and proves she can get more and more attention to do well. Yes it went well until now that is watching TV 🙂

We had to improvise and make some adjustments as we were growing up with them. Like putting that external support as the green house felt Mary  Poppins trying to fly away!

I must confess it has been a fantastic experience; everybody should try at least once in life.

Thanks to my darling with who this project was possible 🙂

photo (1)