pinata flyer tiff

Come to celebrate Dia de Muertos making Piñatas, having fun and supporting a good charity campaign. This is getting nicer every day 🙂

Dia de Muertos is similar to Halloween in essence but with the Mexican style.

We prepare special and tasty food for these days, we decorate and create Altares de Muertos and even more.

This time we suggest the creation of Piñatas as the kids can create them and have fun for Halloween.

In this way we can celebrate and enjoy together a similar tradition with joy 🙂
The Piñata Therapy workshop will help the kids to enjoy working together and getting a cool Piñata created by themselves. Then the piñata full of candy gets destroy by the kids.

This activity is FREE of charge, but you must bring paper, plastic, textile… from home because this activity is about recycling too.

Making the Piñata will bring the creative side and it will promote doing things together and using materials considered waste at home.

There will be additional activities for the kids to keep them happy.


I am delighted to inform you, we will be able to support Open Hearts a charity campaign to connect Irish children to Syrian refugee children through art, compassion and friendship. They are collecting drawings from children to collate them on a big welcome banner. 

Please check his FB page


And of course, you will have a good reason to try the yummy food in K CHIDO. Being Mexican, I highly recommend the breakfast burrito, I love it!

Please drop me a line for booking your space with name and his/her age:

Any suggestions are very welcome 🙂


Here are some of the pictures of this event that we truly enjoyed 🙂