We were participating on the International Charity Bazaar in the Mexican Embassy in RDS, Dublin.

We were showing one of our handmade piñatas made with 100% recycled materials.

This is the first prototype so improvement must be done.

This is the statement published with them:

ReciclArtme ® is a social project promoting a responsible and pleasant way to live our life. The name is based on the composition of recycling + art + me. Its main goal is promoting a creative, healthy and fun life style.

There are different workshops trying to help people to recycle in a creative and natural way; as well healthy talks and workshops to help in having a healthy life as much as possible.

This project “The piñata Therapy” ® presented today is looking to approach people into an easy and funny relief for stress using waste materials.

Piñata is an authentic Mexican handcraft design that is destroyed to celebrate something, mainly used in birthdays or special celebrations.

A historic meaning is that the piñata represents the sins and temptation (our dark side) faced by everyone, so destroying it will produce a kind of relief, so this is the main idea for these piñatas presented here.

Both piñatas are inviting the participants to be aware of the massive waste we generate every single day and the potential and options we have to reuse it.

As well the fact of pushing you into a creative mood to bring that waste back to life and finally to use it to get rid of any stress caused in the daily basics in our modern life.

So, this is a simple project facing different social subjects but with a pleasant interaction in each step.

These Piñatas are 100% made with recycled materials and they can be used by adults and kids.

You can use them as decoration, relief for stress, toy and more…

As these Piñatas have a specific design ® you can wash them and keep the joy as longer as you want.