A bright idea! Genetically engineered plant glows so brightly it can be used as a LAMP

Many people set the mood for a romantic night in with candles, but now they could use a genetically engineered glowing plant for a date with a difference.

A light-producing plant called Starlight Avatar that glows like a firefly has been created by U.S. scientists.

Bioengineers spliced genes from bioluminescent bacteria with a pot plant to create the plant, which can be used as a lamp in the dark.

Bioglow, the company behind the innovation, which is based in St Louis, Missouri, claim Starlight Avatar is the first light-emitting plant.

It is a genetically-modified version of a regular pot plant called Nicotiana alata and glows continuously during its lifetime.

The firm is auctioning the first batch of glowing shrubs and taking pre-orders for further plants it is are currently nurturing.

This is excellent idea for changing the lamps in each city and town and bringing more natural surroundingsĀ  in the already polluted cities.