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As fashion is important in our society because explains in a simple and visual way our way of thinking, our evolution as a country, the cultural aspects that shape our personality.

Japan, is pretty complex and unique; you can easily see it on the fashion street that you would not be able to see it again in another places on this planet. this blog is the most influential in this country and the list of them over this subject are on this list

Now you can compare then and have a more open point of view, for me the Japanese style is so crazy and creative that sometimes is using too many elements that at the end are destroying it.

It is maybe is the way of hiding more complicate problems into their personal relationships, they are loosing the contact between them and the fact of trying to attract somebody next to them may need more colors on top.

This is a simple idea, I hope you have a better one to share.
Of course do not forget the manga, the ZEN, and the nuclear stuff in their minds; a simple crazy coctel.



Sexy madammmm

Reading about the new campaing that Apparel is showing these days with the new model Jacky O’Shaughnessy (62 years old) I came across a fantastic blog “Advanced Style”.

And simply I love it, I do not like the idea that we are out of date when we are passing some age, getting older brings more stability in our soul and personality, so I fell in love instantly and of course I love fashion too!

Beauty is something that is complete personal, our socity should be more democratic in the view of thinking now that is pretty superficial.

Ahhhh I have a massive smile right now.



Leyendo unos de mis periodicos favoritos, como se puede apreciar reiteradamente.

He llegado a este link maravilloso, que en tiempos de crisis la creatividad florece y gracias a ella, tal vez lleguemos a la coherencia de recursos y sus tan conocidas consecuencias.

Ha deleitarse, que esta de surtido rico.