We are always expecting new good stuff and experiences coming with a new year, but we have to work for it in order to get it.

As mainly everybody is broken after Christmas and all mad celebrations in new year eve, let’s find some FREE stuff to get that list for  2016 working now.

There are several websites offering free education, but coursera is doing fantastic as the platform is easy and you decide if you get or not the certificate, and believe me the subjects are pretty cool too.

And if you need to burn so calories there are several apps for free to push you in that direction. You can find them for Iphone and Androit. So no more excuses!

Traveling? Couchsurfing and HopitalityClub are an amazing way to travel with locals and reducing expenses. I have used both myself many times and I always had a fantastic experience. So do not be shy and go wild with the locals.

And if you try some of the previous options you may be able to join the FREE HUGS movement… all free!

Enjoy it and share it 🙂