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The folks over at Skullmapping created this fun series of animation projections that portray a miniature chef (Le Petit Chef) laboring to cook a meal atop a real dining table. Each clip is mapped perfectly to the table setting to create the convincing illusion the tiny chef is interacting with everything on it, and some objects, like a fork, are incorporated directly into the animation itself. So far theyโ€™ve made two: Bouillabaisse and another where he whips together a grilled steak.

Perfect idea no only to share the table with friend but even to keep the kids entertained for a while ๐Ÿ™‚


Eating good, clean and fair is the slogan use by Slowfood, as the name said this NGO is going in the opposite way as many (almost all of them) multinational do, and to be honest it was the way we just to eat in any culture.

Carlo Petrini born in Bra, Italy started this movement 25 years ago, and now even the Pope Francis is giving him a proper recognition for his work.

The UNEP gave him in 2013 the prize Champion of the Earth, so this man is becoming a heroe and real supporter of natural life.

Slowfood provides education in different areas and this year will be homologated in Europe.

Stefano Sardo has create a documental about this magnificent project called “Slow Food Story”, I hope you enjoy it and get involve.

Switzerland has the bigges Commodities Trade in the world and they are simply using it in favour as many could easily do. From this country the next report Who pays the price? was done to show how the system is really working.

So doing anything local as possible will bring some positive things in long term and help to keep a variety of plants as well; beacuse those which are easy to produce are the only one in the market in big scale reducing of helping to disapear the other ones.

So go slow as possible ๐Ÿ˜‰


Trying to find the new post in my mind is a random process, but I came with the intension of reading this book (On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee) considered like the bible for food lovers like me mmmm

But to be honest all my funny experience trying to bake something end up in… let’s face it, funny experiments!

My fisrt lollipops with chocolate were so ugly that I had to close my eyes to eat them, they had happy faces ;P

My first bred became a stone impossible to cut and as a lady I had to ask for help to slice it! oh god, I could kill somebody with it XD

There is a long list of experimental moments cooking for somebody like me that doesn’t stop even when have such bad results.

Finally became true, apple tart, very simple. My friend (Mr. sugar addict) said more sugar but for me was perfect I love her so much that I had to eat it all!

So if you want to start cooking and baking this book will help you to undestand simple questions that seem normal for experts but not for simple mortals like me.

So enjoy it for free! (click on the pic and download it from torrentz.

Overeating vs detox Plan

Some many people will go back hapily to those sexy bodies of the 50’s, I agree completelly only if it is not a excuse to avoid talking about overeating.

Christmas is bringing back all the bad habits, I guess to put ours into the right track with a high determination for the new year.

So as I cannot wait to do it, I will share some links that will help us to bring the bikini form back ๐Ÿ˜‰

Click the pic for a reasonable and simple plan ๐Ÿ˜‰
Some diets have so many complicate and expensive ingredients that make the plan even harder, so let’s try something that our style of life and pocket can affort too.
For readers please check:

Tengo hambre!!

Mi titulo lo dice todo y parece que no basta con ello, me he lanzado de lleno a revisar todos los blogs y libros indicados por mi amor secreto (click picture).

Ahora que Navidad esta en la puerta delantera, estoy obligada bajo mi propia voluntad a cocinar para otros, la cabeza se me llena de ideas mientras la boca se me llena de aventuras gastronomicas.

La cancio de “reloj no pases las horas”… no aplica en este momento. Cualquiera cerca de mi corre el riesgo de ser atacado ๐Ÿ˜‰ con el adecuado aderezo.

PD: Disculpar la falta momentane de acentos, este systema se ha negado por el momento, regresare a luchar despues de un bocado.

Xmas time to think

At Xmas time we are plenty of time and exceding some sins like abusing in terms of eating, drinking, being lazy, etc. So, let’s make surethat we have more options.

UK: (heavy!!!)
Italy: (food forever!)
Spain: (sea food is going to start the party!)

After all the delicious dishes, maybe we can start thinking what really matters ๐Ÿ˜‰