I simply do not like the fact of having constantly commercial campaigns telling you when and what to buy every single day. I am not into shopping at all (just me) and following indications either.

Only 1 day after Halloween we already have Christmas adds on TV!  even one asking us to plan our shopping for 2016! wow… we said at home “that is proper planning” 😀

Well, not everything is bad, James Lewis stores are famous for the beautiful campaigns they create for this period of time and must say they are fantastic and touching.

This is the last one called “Man on the Moon” with a incredible message about elderly people facing loneliness.

Considering that the numbers are indicating that we are getting older, more that ever and the younger population is slowing down; so we are facing a bunch of problems.

But loneliness is causing a massive impact into elderly people (long list but mainly depression). Thankfully some people in different parts came with brilliant ideas like putting a kinder garden and nursing home together with excellent results.

So please have a look at the multiple articles like this one and spread the idea to get more of them in place.

This campaign in UK to stop loneliness is fantastic.

Here is a test if somebody wants to have a quick check.

And please do something to help 🙂