In my sweet home there is a tradition since we live together in the same house; a truly nice one I have to admit.

Today and only today is the final of the tv serie produced by the BBC, The Great British Bake Off, and one more time we squeeze our bodies around the tv surrounded by home made cakes, wine and delicatessen. We scream a lot too!

So, let’s say is a perfect evening to welcome the cold days coming ahead with good food, drinks and excellent company.

I have to admit that I am a complete disaster at baking; I have proved that I can built my own house with bread as it is impossible to be eaten 😀 hard like a stone!

So here I am again praying to survive this final again (indirect competition at home). But I found this fantastic recipe that looks amazing and simple even for inexpert bakers level kinder garden like me.

So, I hope you can have a try yourselves and get messy with this tough floral design 😀

This link will give you additional tips if you really want to eat flower in your own and some of the benefits of eating flower.