There is nothing more pleasant that having good ideas and a fantastic sense of humour. This is a clear example.

In Mexico from where piñatas are coming from, people try different options and this creations are made to celebrate something special in family or friends.

But in some parts of the country, these piñatas are used to protest and show discontent in specific aspects in the society. Like football players scoring against the National team in the World Cup.

The piñata was created to represent the destructions of sins but it turned into something more enjoyable.

This video bring a fantastic therapy for those, who work in a office and feel like giving fee massage to some colleagues 🙂

The piñatas can be used as part of a creative way to release stress and pull lots of creativity at the same time.

Piñatas can be made of recycled material so we can educated people how to re-use that piece of paper that is going to the bin one more time 🙂

So, let’s try it and enjoy it!