Of course it was an April fools stunt. But what if it was real?

Those brewers at Sam Adams decided they’d have a bit of craic with their April Fool’s joke by creating HeliYUM -a new beer kegged with He instead of CO2.

In his “HeliYum beer” Adam announced that, instead of carbon dioxide to create the fizz, he had used the Helium gas in the beer. In the video, as an additional effect, the new beer gas also created a funny atmosphere by affecting the voice of beer tasters. Now, I certainly didn’t like the idea of using Helium to keg beers because I’m very touchy when it comes to wasting the precious gas – Helium. Why? Well, read this Helium article I wrote some time back.

Helium and Science of the Fake Beer.

Even like that I would love to try it 😀