I am almost dying in my office and I am trying to kill my time so..I am surfing on the web and I came across with this article “The 12 coolest offices in the world” in Bored Panda. To be honest after reading and mainly watching that stuff I feel like jumping from my window  XD

It is real pity the lack of interest in many companies to provide a pleasant atmosphere to employees, money is a constant excuse but with a bit of money and a good taste it could be a clear changing point.

http://www.homedit.com brings fantastic ideas to use ourselves, even a simple change will improve our perception about anything. Color can cause a massive change in our feelings (check this article) and this is highly used in marketing to push the sale, so if we have this data maybe we should be able to use it in our benefit 😉

There are several websites giving away stuff for free, even pianos! so check what is going on your place and get something from somebody else and make a contribution saving you  money and helping the other person to avoid creating additional waste in this planet.

If you are having a lack of ideas go surfing, Pinterest is full of fantastic options and tons of websites specialized on design will make your life easier.

Small changes like this one will bring a massive improvement in everybody perception, and of course their / our performance will go up!

The only problem is if you are colorblind 😛

Paint your life!