Flying has been a dream for humans beings. The human history is full of stories in different cultures and continents trying to fly imitating birds and creating new discoveries and laws.

The history of aviation is rich in fantastic experiments and incredibly people that made possible the regular flights we enjoy even in low cost.

The term aviation, noun of action from stem of Latin avis “bird” was coined in 1863 by French aviation pioneer Guillaume Joseph Gabriel de La Landelle (1812–1886) in “Aviation ou Navigation aérienne”

China became the first culture to create designs, which were able to fly using kates and it dates back to several hundred years BC.

Until today that the first plane is trying to fly around the globe using solar energy, the project is called Solar Impulse and this plane will prove that solar energy will be a natural step forward to this industry considering the high cost of using petrol in terms of economy and eco impact for the planet and countries.

The UAE-based Masdar, the Abu Dhabi government’s clean-energy company, is a key sponsor of the flight. Additional sponsors include Omega, Google and Moet Hennessey, among others.

This project will bring a new roll in terms of new design and new way of reacting to social and eco friendly projects that will be necessary from now.

Let’s keep an eye on the tour…