Recycling is something that must be essential in this society that we are living; considering our life style has create a direct increase of waste due the rise of income in several countries since 1950.

Now we have to add countries like China and India with massive populations that will create more waste based on a increase on the demand of superficial items to be cool as the global marketing is pushing them into this direction.

There is a new generation of people trying to get ready to stop the imminent collapse between production, use of natural recourses and population, this new way of making business is called Social business and several universities are providing this education even for free in web sites like which is promoting a free education in different levels.

There are many web sites promoting a creative use of waste in order to create awareness and a efficient use of products that could be used in a different way.

This web will give you simple ideas to use at home, so let’s try some of them and keep our planet a bit nicer for a longer period of time 😉

Food is one of the main subjects that people on the street are seriously ignoring on the daily basics and unfortunately for the next decades will get more complicated.

Feeding a growing population without destroying the ecosystem, making the most of technology and international markets without levelling small farmers and diversity, these are the issues of global action. And one of the main goals for some Social business due the lack if action from Governments.

The World Bank, the FAO, and the UNDP have long been engaged in this struggle. However, food security still does not command the place it deserves in government agendas. It is often confronted with the indifference of public opinion. Indian Prime Minister, Mr Manmohan Singh, recently denounced “the false sense of security” that shrouds food problems in his country as well. We can not agree more.

National Geographic is making TV series for “The future of Food” and is explaining clearly the situation. This video will bring you a more accurate idea.

Vandana Shiva is one of the top figures fighting to bring awareness to the population about the importance of what is happening in the food sector globally, this video will open your eye a bit more.

On serious example is USA, which is facing serious problems with companies like Monsanto controlling the production and acting legally against farmers in a advantageous way. Monsanto has several senators and additional politics working for them as the same time they are being part of the Government, so quite smelly behaviour. This documental about Mosanto explains the way they are operating in the country. Mosanto has been banned in several countries already.

Please inform yourself and be more responsible with the planet that is for us and for the next generations.

Please help.