If you like me are completely nuts for comics then we are in the same road 😉

Reading a good comic or book is always a pleasant experience; if I have to explain the different styles we will need a book due the big options. Probably the most popular styles are the American style like Marvel, the European one (with tons of amazing cartoonist) and Manga from Japan.

But I was curious with the idea of creating one myself so here we are. This blog brings you a fantastic explanation how the creative process takes place in order to make a regular comic.

But this web site will make your life easier if your drawings are as bad as mine 😉 the idea is fantastic and very simple to use, so I hope you can enjoy it as I will do it. Marvel has a similar option but is trully poor.

You never know if your comic will became popular a dn it can ends up un Comicon  or many of the shows run in different countries.

And if you are in the lazy mood check this video to start and pull your interest 😉