Gianni Pacinotti, better known by the pseudonym of Gipi, is an Italian cartoonist, filmmaker, and author.

He is one of the most important cartoonist in Italy and Europe.

After few years without any new comic in the market, happily we have now unahistoria (Salamandra Graphic), thanks Gipi!

He  won the 2005 Goscinny Prize for Best Script and was proclaimed Best Book at Angoulême in France for the comic Notes for a War Story.

The most interesting thing in  Notes for a War Story was the fact that the names where changing depending on the language used, French towns if the comic was translated into French; the idea was to bring the concept to your town and feel it like real into your skin.

These are his Graphic Novels:

  • Appunti per una Storia di Guerra (Notes for a War Story)
  • Gli Innocenti (The Innocents)
  • Garage Band
  • LMVDM – La mia vita disegnata male (My Life Badly Drawn)
  • unastoria, 2013

His film The Last man in the planet was considered by himself as difficult to define it.

What you can really appreciate in his work is the fact of having in your hands a connection and real compromise with his creation.

He can only go ahead with those stories with soul, otherwise will end up in the basket next day. He will go ahead only when there are already 20 pages.

I truly happy day for those who love his art 😉