Dario Fo is one of the biggest artists I discovered years ago, thankfully I am able to speak Italian which helps a lots 😉

Dario Fo is an Italian actor-playwright, comedian, singer, theatre director, stage designer, songwriter and political campaigner, and recipient of the 1997 Nobel Prize in Literature.

His work has been translate into 30 languages and he creates a beautiful way to analyze society, especially in Italy.

He became the main ideologue of the Five Star Movement, the anti-establishment party led by Beppe Grillo,[8] often referred by its members as “the Master” for an obvious reason.

Here is his web site http://www.dariofo.it/ where you can have a bite of his art.

It is a pity not be able to find all his talks in English but this play “Accidental Death of an Anarchist” maybe give you a small introduction into his magnificent creation.

There is a fantastic mix of elements that you can find on this man, art, high education, analytical mind, ethic, a fantastic sense of humor and a brilliant mind in a correct human being.

Simply delicious mind 😉