Film is a word that kiss me on the lips, another expression of love.

The history of cinema thankfully started with the invention of film, which began in the mid-19th century (check the link for the complete history).

The film, also called a movie or motion picture is basically the repetition of an imagen in a specific speed to achieve the visual effect. like this one bellow:

The creative process goes on the same direction holding hand with specific techniques, were different aspects like light, music, etc… are playing an important roll on the final result.

This video will give you a quick explanation for those like me; we only go to the cinema to enjoy it.

Pathe is one of those creative companies which quality is its signature.
So here are lots of films from Britain have jus released for free 😉 As beautiful gift! (this is the main reason for this post).

Speaking about cinema we could be easily awake for months even years, so I let you the pleasure of getting lots in his arms.

Rotten tomatoes is a website that will help you to get a idea in terms of quality for each film.

And if even with that information you are lots, get the film festivals to help you or drive you mad.

I will close this post, inviting you to create your own short film; yes you can start using your smart phone and some apps and run your own history, this blog shows some of them but is pleanty and there are more competitions every month.

Filming you with…