The Pasig River Rehabilitation Project made my day, what really shocks me is to see how humans can destroy everything even when it is agains themselves.

What I consider by far more importat is the fact they have consider the direct impact in the society, I mean if poor people living on the borders do not have access to a proper “basic” house and education it quite difficult to change it.

But there is more to do, here some extra details:

The Pasig River is a 27-kilometer body of water that traverses across Metro Manila between a freshwater lake and Manila Bay. Once a major transport route, source of water and thriving ecosystem, the river is intimately connected to Philippine history.

Today, it is one of the most polluted and toxic river systems in the Philippines. The Pasig River is currently considered the ‘toilet bowl’ of Manila and is a dumping ground for domestic and industrial waste.

The ABS-CBN Foundation together with the Philippines’ Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) are co-managing the rehabilitation of the Metro Manila water basin, with an initial focus on the Pasig River and its tributaries.

The seven-year Pasig River rehabilitation project involves fund-raising campaigns; education campaigns to create awareness among residents about preventing pollution; improving the water quality and physical appearance of the waterway; and the relocation of 4,000 informal settlers along the river.

I saw several projects with the best intentions but not getting in a depper change maybe because you need a bigger team with super powers 😉

But this one is simply fantastic, we should try to copy them as there is not another way to longer like that.