Reading the newspaper yesterday I came across an article explaining this tradition in Nepal.
I found it pretty interesting and thankfully this blog explains it really good, so is saving me to repeat it again.

It seems fantastic to be a goddes but this is not so simple when you understand and know the rules. Rushmila Shayka was one of them and she is the only one with a proper education, she has written a book explaining her experience to reduce the misunderstanding and help the next goddesses to have best opportunities in future when they become normal.

Anjana Shakya, who is the president for the Human Rights NGO in Nepal, she started a legal process to bring more education and better oppotunities for those childrens.

Unfortunately the tribunal refused to change it as the relatives agree with this tradition. The Goverment in Nepal took a step forward providing now education and an amount of money to secure their future.

It is complicate to change somebody else tradition without having a real understanding but now it could be nicer. Those women will be able to be a goddes for a while and then having a happy life.