The practical scooter folds in the middle, allowing the user to easily take it on a train or in the back of a car before riding it at a respectable 28 mph.

The innovative scooter has a comfortable traditional leather seat – making sure the rider is comfy as they travel through the city.

It weighs 25 kilograms and has a battery life of 22 miles – which takes just one hour to fully charge.

The scooter, known as Moveo, is propelled by in-wheel motors in both wheels and it takes just seconds to fold.

When users reach their destination, instead of looking for a parking space, they can simply fold the scooter’s carbon-composite body in two.

Tamas Slezak, CEO of the Antro Group, who developed the scooter, believes that their product is definitely something for the future.

He said: ‘The Moveo is ultra light-weight and is the best additional vehicle to public transport.

‘You can travel eco-friendly in the easiest and quickest way, and our innovative product will suit commuters in big cities around the world.’

The Moveo will cost £2,000 and Mr Slezak added that sales will initially take place on the internet.

He added: ‘It’s almost ready for production and we are looking for investors, and with their help, we will be able to finalise the development.

‘Most probably we will begin with medium scale production and after about a year ramp up for the bigger scale production.

I want one!!! Santa please!!!