The long distant lovers

This is the title for this picture that I found in this nice blog with amazing ideas.

But I decided to used to speak about something by far more important and controversial: sex for handicaps.

Reading the newspaper I saw this article explaining this NGO supporting handicaps with different problems in a sexual point of view.

Tandem Team started in October 2013 and is connecting people to feel complete in their sexuality.

In countries like France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland is already practiced by the Government. Switzerland went far requesting certification to provide such a service and putting a minimum service monthly.

Sexuality is by far more complex that only penetration, tantric sex has been explaining it in some way to teach how important is to use your full body to create a better sensorial and pleasant life.

Sex is crucial for our body and mental health, Fred paid a special interest on this connection and this is one of principal bases for psychology.

Rising human right couldn’t be complete without consider that no all the parts in our society request the same services as we provide them.

As the ex president of Mexico Benito Juarez said “respect for the rights of others is peace”. This could be a simple way to stop and think twice before giving a fast opinion.