Tor has been created to protect our security in this times of to much sharing and more on line life.

Of course we should be responsibles of having under control de information shared but as our own countries are checking and sharing our details better to be prepared.

Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange could give you some simple reasons with proofs  that may change your way of “sharing” so openly your life.

Tor has been highly critiziced by USA because it may be used in the wrong way, of course their opinions are very “correct” considering what they have done in NSA.

This video is clearly showing how easy for some people can do with your information. Tor can be used for those normal people that do not have a massive knowledge in technology.

Cybercrime is increasing as the cost of acting  is free and difficult to trace.

So, there is a basic rule in law: the ignorance of the law is no excuse of compliance. So the same in life.

Protect yourself.