Trying to find the new post in my mind is a random process, but I came with the intension of reading this book (On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee) considered like the bible for food lovers like me mmmm

But to be honest all my funny experience trying to bake something end up in… let’s face it, funny experiments!

My fisrt lollipops with chocolate were so ugly that I had to close my eyes to eat them, they had happy faces ;P

My first bred became a stone impossible to cut and as a lady I had to ask for help to slice it! oh god, I could kill somebody with it XD

There is a long list of experimental moments cooking for somebody like me that doesn’t stop even when have such bad results.

Finally became true, apple tart, very simple. My friend (Mr. sugar addict) said more sugar but for me was perfect I love her so much that I had to eat it all!

So if you want to start cooking and baking this book will help you to undestand simple questions that seem normal for experts but not for simple mortals like me.

So enjoy it for free! (click on the pic and download it from torrentz.