Irish Xmas... glu glu glu glu...

For those new into the Irish tradition of the 12 pubs on Xmas, let’s explain you the story.

12 pub, 12 drinks, 12 rules.
This is a very popular tradition in Ireland to enjoy with your friends.
Each person have to drink under the rules, otherwise a punishment will be solve the problem (indicated into the same sumary with the rules).

Rules per pub:
1:Drinkin only with the left hand.
2:No talking
3:Changing shoes
4:Holding hand (men mainly)
5:No names, only surnames
6:You can use the toilet just in this stop

The list gets funier and crazy as some of them are waiting for this moment 😉

Xmas jumpers are almost an obligation to wear 😉 hohohoho

Great time!