Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

These are powerful word already said thousand times with not too much echo. As human beings, we keep ourselves far away from the real understanding and real comunication.

So many people were buried, burned and etc.. because they had a different point of view, but unfortunately this happening any single moment at any corner.

Those countries that classified themselves as first class (that’s made me laugh lauder) are plently of ignorant and incredibly lazy people use their finger to point it out a tiny difference even between themselves.

Simply in my simple opinion, we are lazy. We refuse to think and re check any information provided, simple like that. And based on that fact, we have to understand that some people are incredibly good in the use of the language to transform anything even when it is so obvious.

Aristoteles as previous philosophers took specal interes in the subject “rhetoric” extremelly used in marketing, why? easy answer 😉

If you want to check some details in your own (, please keep close to you an onion to pretend that the reason of your tears is this poor vegetable.